Science week was an exciting time as Mr Kinsella’s class observed and, more importantly, undertook lots of experiments in Blessington Library on the fifteenth of November. Science didn’t stop there however, as the children demonstrated a range of experiments to their class the following day. These had been investigated at home during the week and it’s fair to say everyone got their hands, and everything else, dirty in the name of science! It took a while for the odour of vinegar to leave the classroom!

P1020542 P1020544 P1020545 P1020547 P1020550 P1020551 P1020552 P1020553 P1020554 P1020555 P1020556 P1020557 P1020558 P1020559 P1020560 P1020561 P1020562 P1020566 P1020567 P1020568 P1020569 P1020570 P1020571 P1020572 P1020573 P1020574 P1020576 P1020577 P1020578 P1020580 P1020581 P1020582 P1020583 P1020584 P1020585 P1020588 P1020593 P1020595 P1020597 P1020598 P1020599 P1020601 P1020603 P1020605 P1020606 P1020608 P1020609 P1020610 P1020611 P1020613 P1020614 P1020615 P1020617 P1020619 P1020621 P1020623 P1020628

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